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Here you will find guides, videos and samples to help you build websites. We publish all the documentation and videos we produce – there is no fee or registration requirement.

If you wish to install Composite C1 and set up a website, follow our Getting Started guide. Otherwise, select your topic of interest in the top navigation or search for it.

For guides on how to use Composite C1, like editing pages, visit our user section. If you are looking for introductions or specific information but can’t find it please let us know so we can fix it – post your question or comments to our forum.

Featured Articles

Tutorial: Integrating FlowPlayer

Learn how to integrate and use a free video player called FlowPlayer.

Razor functions

Learn how to create and use functions in Composite C1 using the Razor syntax.

Composite C1 on Windows Azure

Get an overview of options you have when running Composite C1 on Windows Azure. From running a simple site to massive scale out across data centers in USA, Europe and Asia.

Your first XSLT Function

Learn how to create a very simple XSLT function in Composite C1 - without even knowing XSLT.

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