Razor Functions

Make your websites with Razor

Razor is a view engine option for ASP.NET. And Composite C1 allows you to use the Razor syntax to create and use yet another type of C1 Functions - "Razor functions".

Note. Although Razor is often associated with MVC, you do not need MVC support on your Composite C1 website to start creating and using Razor functions. If you, however, do need Razor bundled with MVC, please consider using MVC Player.

In Composite C1 v 4.0 or later, Razor functions are "first-class citizens".

(In earlier Composite C1 versions, you can make use of the C1Contrib's Razor Functions.)

The Razor functions are available in Composite C1 for insertion on pages, templates, in other functions and in function calls in the C1 Console.

Note. To quickly create boilerplate-code Razor functions (as well as Razor page template) from Visual Studio 2012, install an ad-hoc Visual Studio 2012 extension by Composite C1: CompositeC1RazorExtensions.vsix. (It works with Visual Studio 2012 only.)

In this guide, you'll learn how to create, edit and use Razor functions. 

Note. This article is about Composite C1 v.4.0 or later. For earlier versions please see the legacy documentation.


Fast intro to Razor Functions in Composite C1 4.0

Learn to create a simple Razor function to display Twitter search results on a page in Composite C1.

Using Razor and data to build a list-to-detail view

How to create a list-to-detail view with a Razor function in Composite C1.