Install Orckestra CMS!

  1. Ensure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 (Web Installer or Offline Installer) installed on your computer.
  2. Install Orckestra CMS on Microsoft WebMatrix:
  3. Run your website in WebMatrix and complete the Orckestra CMS Setup wizard.
  4. For an intro on how to edit your pages and media, visit our "Getting Started" guide for users.
  5. For an intro on how to customize and publish your website, visit our "Getting Started" guide for web pros.

For more details on how to complete the installation and setup visit our Installation and Setup guide.

Visual Studio Developers and IIS Administrators

If you know your way around IIS or Visual Studio 2015 (or later), download a ZIP containing the website directory and a Visual Studio solution file.

How to set up Orckestra CMS on IIS and Visual Studio

Source code download

Orckestra CMS is free open source software, it is fully featured and the source code is available at


Installing Composite C1 with WebMatrix

The web application gallery in Microsoft WebMatrix features Composite C1 making its installation very easy. See how the the installation process looks.

Running your website for the first time

The first time you run your Composite C1 website a guide helps you through 3 simple steps to setup your website starting point.