Release History

History of Stable Orckestra CMS Versions

The table below lists public releases of Orckestra CMS version 2.0 or later.

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Version NameRelease dateVersion number

Orckestra CMS 5.12016-08-125.1.6027.17836

What's New? Version 5.1 is a service release that comes with new features such as bulk publishing, time zone support, some UI enhancements, support for overriding the UI and logic behind actions (add, edit, publish etc) on pages/data, new widgets as well as fixes for issues found in the v5 release and other minor improvements and optimizations. Read more

Orckestra CMS 5.02015-12-155.0.5827.21806

What's New?  V5 is the third major release since Orckestra CMS went open-source 5 years ago and comes packed with a lot of UI / UX improvements / new features such as the brand new CMS Console and the browser view, and improved developer tooling such as much better support for MVC, dependency injections on CMS Function parameters,  mapping data items to URLs to tree elements. Read more

Orckestra CMS 4.32015-03-184.3.5555.25838

What's New? This latest stable release does much for performance improvements and enjoys a good deal of new features, including scheduled data publishing, native content editing experience with RTL languages like Arabic, enhanced password policy options, image resizing options in Razor, hooking into ASP.NET Full Page Caching key generation and more. Read more

Orckestra CMS 4.2 Update 12014-06-234.2.5287.17495

What's New? The latest update contains a number of improvements and bug fixes and is a recommended update to 4.2.

Orckestra CMS 4.22014-05-274.2.5249.32246

What's New? The latest stable release of Orckestra CMS comes packed with even more new features: CMS Function previews in Visual Editor, user-friendly editing of CMS Function properties, and the new responsive starter site called "Venus", editing pages on iPads, ASP.NET Razor 3.1.1 support by default, a new widget to select glyph icons, the server log now in the System perspective with more to log and audit, a new security permission "Configure" and more. Read more

Orckestra CMS 4.12013-11-074.1.5058.34326

What's New? Another stable release of Orckestra CMS, which equip both developers and end users with even more features like drag-and-drop for images and files from the desktop into page content, support for Composite Form Builder, the "Open Cph" Starter Site upgraded to Bootstrap 3, Internet Explorer 11 support, Microsoft .NET 4.5 made required, a new "Static Datatypes" folder on the Data Perspective, a 100% customized UI for the "Function Call Editor" for custom CMS Functions, and many more. Read more

Orckestra CMS 4.02013-07-064.0.4897.31550

What's New? The 2nd big milestone release since Orckestra CMS open-sourced in October 2010, adding more power to end users with features like the block selector, searchable drop-downs, freehand image resizing, new Starter sites, and more, and to developers with features like built-in Razor and User Control functions, Razor and Master Page templates, page template features, data tree ordering, and many more. Read more

Orckestra CMS 3.22012-04-273.2.4497.34793

What's New? The major service release to 3.0, adding "Save and Publish" combo button that enable easy opt-out of publish workflow. German and Chinese translations of the admin UI. Support for plugging in external media data bases (like SharePoint or images from Facebook). HTML5 video streaming support. Compatible with .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012. Easy conversion to Visual Studio Web Application projects. Read more

Orckestra CMS 3.12012-01-183.1.4400.42718

What's New? A service release to 3.0, adding support for spell checking (when using Mozilla Firefox with dictionaries installed) and .less file edit support. Also fixes issues reported on 3.0.

Orckestra CMS 3.02011-12-073.0.4358.29126

What's New? Being a major release 3.0 contain a lot of improvements: URLs are short and without ‘.aspx’, Seamless ‘Paste from Word’, instant image and file upload from editors, in place image resizing, UX improvements reducing clicking, ASP.NET Razor support,  full Windows Azure and SQL Azure support, and a lot more. Read more

Orckestra CMS 2.1.12011-04-072.1.4113.99

What's New? HTML5 support and bugfixes.

Orckestra CMS 2.12011-03-112.1.4087.22991

What's New? IE9, Chrome support, SQL Server migration, 30 day trials on premium features, new code and customizable html editor, Windows Azure cloud support, build in performance profiling, ASP.NET .master page templates, expanded API, faster! Read more

Orckestra CMS 2.0 SP 12010-10-252.0.3947.24461

What's New? New source code editor (SkyWriter),  faster page preview, CRUD functions for custom data types,  inline C# functions, cleaned-up localization files (ready for GUI translators), Custom URL action with data-driven parameters, a few new functions (page cache control, path to the Orckestra CMS application root, new random GUID etc),  setup check and Windows Azure-related fixes.  Read more

Orckestra CMS 2.0 Patch 12010-10-032.0.3927.42711

What's New? Bug fixes

Orckestra CMS 2.02010-09-292.0.3919.5834

What's New? The first public release of Orckestra CMS as a free open-source CMS.

second big milestone release since we open-sourced our CMS back in October 2010