Front-end developers have complete markup control

In this section you will find information about creating and using page layout templates in Composite C1 using various technologies such as ASP.NET Razor, ASP.NET Master Pages, XML/XHTML. 

You will also learn how to create page types as well as localize different parts of your website.

  • XML Templates

    Learn how to create and use XML templates in Composite C1.

  • Razor Page Templates

    A guide to creating and using Razor page templates in Composite C1.

  • Master Pages Templates

    Learn how to create and use Master Page templates.

  • Page Template Features

    Learn how to create and use Page Template Features.

  • Controlling <head/>Element

    Learn about manipulating elements in the HTML <head/> of a page with C1 Functions and HTML content bits.

  • Writing XHTML

  • Page Types

    Learn how to use page types to control layout options, metadata, functionality and default content.

  • Localization

    Learn about localizing websites in Composite C1.

  • Artisteer Templates

    Learn how to adapt templates created with Artisteer ( to be used in Composite C1.

  • Layout FAQ

    Frequently asked questions on content and style editing in Composite C1.