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Composite C1 on Microsoft Azure

We have created a tool for easy and fast Composite C1 website deployment on Microsoft Azure and made it available for free. The tool can deploy a Composite C1 website with minimal effort. In this section you can download the service package, find the deployment guide and related tools.

Evaluate on Microsoft Azure for free

Microsoft offers both a free trial and free computing hours for MSDN subscribers - if you use any of these, you can evaluate Composite C1 on Microsoft Azure for free.

Get started with Composite C1 CMS on Microsoft Azure!

For more information on Composite C1 on Microsoft Azure, please see:

  • Overview

    Get an overview of options you have when deploying one or more Composite C1 websites on Microsoft Azure.

  • Download

    Download the latest Composite C1 Azure service packages and configuration files.

  • Setup

    Learn how to prepare and deploy a Composite C1 website on Windows Azure and scale it out if needed.

  • Configuration

    Fine-tune your Composite C1 Azure deployment by configuring its settings.

More about Microsoft Azure:

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